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The Diagnostic phase consists primarily of high-level planning and high-level analysis of your business processes and infrastructure. The goal of the Diagnostic phase is to collect information to define a high-level project scope and then create a proposal for the remaining phases of the project


The activities in the Analysis phase help identify the decisions the customer must make that will guide the implementation.


This phase consists of determining the design for the overall implementation and designing solutions for specific customizations, integr-ations, and data migration needed to satisfy business requirements identified during the Analysis phase.


The primary purpose of the Development phase is to develop the customizations,integrations, and data migration processes that were defined in the design specifications created and approved in the Design phase.


The primary deliverable from the Deployment phase is a functioning live system.Activities in this phase prepare the infrastructure, application environment, and end-users for the cutover to the new system.


The primary purpose of the Operation phase is to support the customer technically and functionally during the initial Go-Live period for the new system.

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